Hello Interwebs!

This is the part of the day where your brain oozes out of your ears, but you can’t walk away from the computer. Sure, you could cool off in the nice air-conditioned room 10 feet away. Or get a nice glass of ice cold water. Or stick your head in the freezer.¬†Instead, you let the internet eat your soul. There are not enough cat videos on the internet and yet you cannot tear your eyes from the never ending FaceBook wall of doom.

I believe this post is suppose to have relevant information on it. What am I doing here? (That’s on the ‘About Me’ page.) How do I plan to take over the world? (That’s classified.) And how many cats do I have? (There are no ninja assassins in my house.) Since I can’t take over the world with cats, I’m all out of ideas at the moment–wait.

Hang on a tick!

I filmed a vlog before I lost all cognitive abilities this afternoon. Huzzah!

[One hour later]

Did I just spend my Friday night video editing? Yeah, that sounds about right. Worth it!

Next, I’m on my way to watch some Grimm or Star Trek: Enterprise (don’t judge, I’ve already watched all the superb stuff like Sherlock, Dr. Who, & all the Stargates), but I’m wondering… What are your fandoms?